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If you are interested in helping in the organisation of the largest festival showcase for Pakistani cinema in Britain, you have good administrative and communication skills and a passion for films, then we would welcome your help as a volunteer.

Volunteer Information

The Pehlee Dharkan Festival will screen and premiere works by celebrated filmmakers, as well as works from emerging artists. The focus is on original and personal films with the potential to captivate a diverse audience, complemented by a full programme of discussions, seminars and master-classes involving visiting filmmakers, critics and academics.

Volunteer Tasks

We are looking for volunteers who are keen to be involved in the festival and have some spare time to help out, either in the evenings or on weekends, both prior to and during the festival. 

In the build-up to the event, duties will include

Volunteers will receive a free festival pass, as well as being able to attend the launch party and closing functions. In addition there are opportunities to meet various industry professionals and celebrities.

If you want to find out more then please email angela@heerproductions.com