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Pakistani Film Festival 2006/2007
Entry Form:
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Deadline for entries is 30th September 2006 for Glasgow, Edinburgh and London festivals 2006/2007.

Criterion for Submissions

Creative work may be submitted in the following categories for selection in the Pakistani Film Festival UK Tour 2006/2007:

The work may originate on any of the following formats: 35mm, 16mm, DV, DigiBeta, or Beta SP. An exception may be made for outstanding experimental work done on VHS. However, for the purposes of screening at the festival, we will require you to transfer work originating on video to either DV or Beta SP.

To submit work for the festival, please send a VHS (PAL) or DVD copy of your work along with the Entry Form (click here for Entry Form) to the address given below. You must also submit 2 stills from the film, a photograph of the director, a 50 word synopsis of the film and a 50 word biography of the filmmaker. Please DO NOT send masters at this stage.

You may submit as many works as you want but please submit a separate VHS tape / DVD for each work.

Each tape / DVD should be properly labelled with the title of the work, name of the director, name of the producer or copyright owner, language, and length of the work in minutes.

All entries will be viewed by a panel. If your submitted work is selected for screening at the festival, you will be required to submit a 35mm or 16mm print, PAL Beta SP or DV copy. Any additional material, such as posters, pamphlets, additional stills etc. would also be welcome.

There is no entry fee.

Address for Submission of Entries:

Heer Productions
Room LZ 007
Central Business Learning Zone
Central College of Commerce
190 Cathedral Street
G4 0ND
Scotland, UK