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Thursday 15th September

Javaid Shampoo [ 6.30 - 8.30pm]

Director: Faisal Rehman, Bilal Minto
Starring: Sahir, Mehr Tarar, Wajahat Malik
Pakistan 2004, 1hr 12m, 15
Urdu / Subtitled

Shampoo-maker Javaid wants to be either a film-star... or a Jihadi. Poignant and powerful urban satire.
Intro by Director Bilal Minto.

Friday 16th September

British Council Shorts – ‘I Belong’ (Education Screening) [10am]
Shorts developed from stories written by young people in Pakistan working with acclaimed writer Kamila Shamsie.

Profiles of Women Councillors [12.30]
Director: Sheema Kirmani
Pakistan 2004, 54m, 12
Urdu/Sindhi/ Subtitled

The grassroots mobilisation of women is the key to transforming Pakistan – but they have a fight on their hands.
Intro by Glasgow City Councillor Haleema Malik.

Crossing the Lines [2.15pm]
Director: Pervaz Hoodboy and Zia Mian
Pakistan 2004, 47m, 15
Urdu/Hindi/Kashmiri/English/ Subtitled
This path-blazing independent documentary challenges preconceptions and seeks solutions on Kashmir.

On a Razor's Edge
Director: Sharmeen Obaid
Pakistan 2004, 24 m, 12
English/Urdu, Subtitled
Obaid boards the "peace train" in India and travels home to Pakistan to assess the tentative thaw in relations.

The People vs. Lyari Expressway [4 pm]
Directed by: Maheen Zia
PAKISTAN 2002, 43 m, 12
Urdu/ Subtitled
Lyari Expressway is the largest urban demolition project for the purpose of road-making in the world. 250,000 people will be displaced and thousands of businesses in the Old City of Karachi destroyed.

Intro by Director Maheen Zia.

Doobti Jheelain (Drowning Lakes)
Directed by: Amar Mehboob Tipu
PAKISTAN 2003, 40 m, 12
A wetlands ecosystem, and its inhabitants, will be destroyed by the Chotiari Reservoir being constructed in the name of progress.

A Long Night (Raat Chali Hai Jhoom Ke) [6 pm]
Directer: Hasan Zaidi
Cast: Faisal Rehman, Nadia Jamil, Anwar Solangi
Pakistan 2000, 94 m, 15
Urdu/ Subtitled
’A Long Night’ is an urban dystopia of drugs, sex and dislocation - the reality of Karachi that film and TV won’t show you in the city divided by a bridge.
Intro By Director Hasan Zaidi

The Living Corpse (Zinda Laash) [8.20pm]
Directed by: Khawaja Sarfaraz
Cast: Rehan, Yasmeen, Habib, Deeba, Allauddin
Pakistan 1967, B&W, 103 m, 18
A cult noir horror flick, an ’Indus Gothic’ version of ’Dracula’, shadows, sexual awakening and all. Be very scared...
Intro by Restorar Omar Khan

Saturday 17th September

Battle for Islam
Director: Paul Jenkins
UK 2005, 90 m, Television documentary, 15
Renowned British journalist, Ziauddin Sardar takes us on an epic journey through five Muslim countries - Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Turkey - in search of the Islam that is not portrayed in our media.
Panel discussion with Paul Jenkins, Ziauddin Sardar and Suhayl Saadi

British Asian Shorts

Shahbhangra Sandra from Pakistan
Director: Teshani Patirana
UK 2005, 14m, 12
A romantic comedy by young people from Pakistan to Kosovo. Hassan plans to celebrate and holiday after graduation with friends. All seems well but a surprise awaits……………..

Elephant Boy
Director: Rene Mohandas
UK 2004, 26m, 12
Hindi / English, Subtitled
Nominated For BAFTA Best Short Film. Raju, a Mumbai beggar-boy with huge, deformed feet, embarks on a spiritual journey of penance and hope. In this Scottish production, Raju acts as himself - and his elephantiasis is real.
Panel will include Rene Mohandas and Teshani Patirana

A Surprise Short Film
One from the submitted films!

Mughals of the Road
Director: Sarmad Sehbai
Pakistan 1999, 45 m, 12
Lavishly decorated trucks spin a traffic culture of indigenous graffiti. Based on research by Dr Anna Schmidt, Heidelberg University.

Three Shorts by Farjad Nabi

No-one Believes the Professor
Pakistan – Canada 1999, 20 m, 12
Urdu and English / Subtitled
The divine madness of the Professor transfigures the mortal beings who surround him. 1st Prize at Film South Asia, Kathmandu.

Nusrat has left the Building … But When?
Pakistan 1997, 21 m, 12
( Musical and Impressionistic - no dialogues so doesn’t need subtitles)
Explores the musical roots of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. 2nd Prize at Film South Asia Festival, Kathmandu and Best Documentary at KaraFilm Festival.

Cricket Lives in Lahore
Pakistan / 2000 / 13 minutes, 12
Is cricket subversive? What makes the children of Lahore troop to cricket nets at 5am? An exploration of the contemporary culture of cricket.

Silent Waters (Khamosh Pani) [6.40pm]
Director: Sabiha Sumar
Cast: Kiron Kher, Aamir Ali Malik, Shilpa Shukla
Pakistan 2003, 99 m, 15
Urdu/ Subtitled,
Kiron Kher won the Best Actress Award 2002 in Locarno, for this intense and magnificent rural story, spanning decades, of partition, patriarchy and the inexorable rise of Fundamentalism.

Fankar Gali [9 pm]
Director Sarmed Sehbai
Pakistan 1990, Television Film, 90 m, 15
Urdu / Subtitled
In the swirling, fantastical nightlife of Fankar Gali, stage-performer Salomi dreams of fame and glamour – and meanwhile must sell herself to the gallery.

Sunday 18th September

Bhooli Hui Hoon Dastan (The Forgotten Song)
Director: Adnan Malik
Pakistan 2004, 90 minutes, 12
Urdu /Subtitled
How did commercial Pakistani cinema morph from family entertainment that unified the classes to a stigmatized sex-and-violence industry?

Intro by Adnan Malik

Beauty Parlour
Director: Mehreen Jabbar
Pakistan 2000, 18m, 15
Urdu / Subtitled
A beauty salon: three women, a transvestite and suppressed desires.

Bangles (Choorian) [2.30-5.40pm]
Director: Syed Noor
Cast: Saima, Moammar Rana, Bahar Begum
Pakistan 1998, 174 m, 15
Punjabi / Unsubtitled

The Cinderella story that created a box office storm in Lollywood.

Re-inventing the Taliban [6- 7.10pm]
Director: Sharmeen Obaid, Ed Robbins
Pakistan 2004, 54 m, 15
Obaid, a young Pakistani woman meets people on both sides of the political, religious and cultural struggle that to the outside world has come to define Pakistan. Special Jury Award at the BANFF TV festival in Canada, the CINE Golden Eagle Award and Livingston Award.

Surprise Closing Feature Film

No clues to this one! You’ll have to come and see it. Wait for it, wait for it... lights, cameras, action!!!


Baig City
Directed by: Manizhe Ali
Pakistan 2004, 50 sec, 12

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Explores the idea of luxury housing for cockroaches!

The Other Side
Directed by: Uzair Akram
PAKISTAN 2004, 4 min 34 sec, 12

Tabdeeli (Renovation)
Director - Babar Sheikh
Pakistan 2005, 9m, 12
A poetic, dream-like film of Karachi, carnival-city of the inner child.

Pakistan 2003, 3 m, 12
Director: Syed Muhammad Raza Zaidi
A ’Jungian’ exploration of various states of consciousness.

British Council Films - I Belong

Pakistan / 2005 / 7 minutes
Urdu/ Pusto / Subtitled

Landscapes of Belonging
Pakistan / 2005 / 9 minutes
Urdu / Subtitled

Parched Earth
Pakistan / 2005 / 12 minutes
Urdu / Subtitled

Shah Baloot (Eucalyptus)
Pakistan / 2005 / Urdu and English / 9 minutes

Yellow Beginnings
Pakistan / 2005 / 15 minutes

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