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Billboard Art of Lollywood
27th February -3rd March
Pakistani Film Poster Exhibition

One of the most dynamic and unique artistic painting styles, film posters and hand painted billboards have been an intrinsic part of the film industry in Pakistan for many decades. As much as the art of the ‘painted trucks’, they represent a florid form of indigenous ‘pop’ art that in the broader context of the history of visual art in Islamic countries where the portrayal of the human form is forbidden, is both hugely colourful and deeply intriguing.

Venue: Guild Room, Edinburgh Filmhouse, 88 Lothian Road, EH3 29B

This scintillating exhibition was also held, in conjunction with two others, at Tramway Theatre as part of the Glasgow festival 2005. Please see below for further information.

Exhibitions 2005:

Art on Wheels ~ Mughals Of the Road

Pakistan’s Decorated Vehicles –Photography by Peter Grant

Lavishly decorated trucks, art on wheels, spin a distinct indigenous graffiti. Folk and classical motifs that can be traced back to the Mughal Empire. Through the years the materials used have developed from wood and paint to metal, tinsel, plastic and reflective tape.

In the 1920's the Kohistan bus company asked the local Michaelangelo, Ustad Elahi Buksh, a master craftsmen to decorate their buses to attract passengers. Buksh employed a community of artists from the Punjab town of Chiniot, who's ancestors had worked on many great palaces and temples dating back to the Mogal Empire. It was not long before truck owners followed suite with their own designs.

Please read the article on Pakistani Trucks, entitled Dreaming by Durriya Kazi, Head of Visual Studies Karachi University

Billboard Art of Lollywood

Tribal Truck Art

The Mughals of the Road exhibition was accompanied by a display of desktop items and furniture decorated using the techniques of truck art painting. The accomplished Master truck artist Ghulum Sarwar, from Pakistan, also gave on site demonstrations of his painting technique.

The Tribal Truck Art exhibition was brought to the UK in collaboration with Anjum Rana, a female Pakistani entrepreneur who has been instrumental in bringing truck art to the international market.

Venue: Tramway, 25 Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2PE