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About Us

Heer Productions Ltd is a film and cross-arts form company, based in Glasgow, Scotland, which is working towards raising the profile of South Asian films, arts, and artists in Scotland and the UK. The company is actively involved in engaging with young people from minority ethnic communities and providing them with opportunities in film and other media with a long-term view of supporting them to pursue careers and businesses in the arts and the creative industries.

Why Pakistan!

Heer Productions brings to you a thousand colours from the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan and its civilization. Pakistani culture represents a confluence of the cultures of the Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia. The cultural heritage of Pakistan and of its diaspora is rich, vibrant, engaged and hugely inspiring.

Over the past eighteen months, the company's artistic director, Alina Mirza has been working with a plethora of organisations towards increasing audience attendance amongst members of minority ethnic communities at mainstream film events and South Asian professional art events, especially among young people. Organisations Heer Productions has been working with include the Glasgow Film Theatre, Edinburgh Filmhouse, Scottish Screen, Napier University, Equal, Glasgow Media Access Centre, Glasgow City Council, Culture and Leisure Services, Glasgow Anti-Racist Alliance, Meridian, and several Youth Initiatives and other South Asian arts organisations. Heer Productions also promotes the participation of mainstream audiences at South Asian professional arts events.

Heer Productions Ltd has focused its strategy on the need to address the under-representation of the ethnic minority communities in the arts, film and media scene within Glasgow and Scotland as a whole, and the lack of participation and relative invisibility of the Pakistani community in mainstream film and arts professional training programmes and academic courses. Most of the work outlined here is undertaken in partnership with other South Asian arts and film companies, community organisations and academic institutions.

Do check out our website. Whether you have some link with Scotland, Pakistan or with film in general, join us for a while on this journey – we hope that you will enjoy it as much as we're doing! Okay, deep breath…

Lights! Camera! Action!




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